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Let’s Go Visit the Totmans in Hungary!

The Totmans
The Totmans – Dave, Anora, Ereina, Trey, & Zoe


The Totmans have left Winter Haven.  They are quickly getting settled in Hungary.  And yet, in many ways, it feels like they are just around the corner.  Years ago, when missionaries left, they were not seen or heard from for years at a time.  Today’s realities allow for very different opportunities.  Thanks to modern technologies, the Totmans are merely a few clicks away.

So, let’s go visit the Totmans in Hungary.  Let’s go see what they are seeing.  Let’s go read about what they are doing.  Let’s go visit them through their website – www.totmansblog.com.

One highlight for me was reading what they titled “Our Journey.”

How does a girl growing up in the Midwest (Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin) meet and marry a boy from Bangladesh, Kenya, and upstate New York?  How do they meet in Pennsylvania, find a home church family in Florida, and end up being sent out to serve God in Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, and now Hungary?

Only God can orchestrate this kind of journey.  What an adventure obedience brings!”  (continue reading)

Other updates/articles they have posted include:

Take a minute today and ‘visit’ the Totmans.  Leave them a comment.  Tell them that you miss them!

Have a great Weekend!


PS – Last week’s post about the Art of Marriage Couples Retreat included a short promotional video.  Unfortunately, the video did not come through in the email.  Did you visit our site and actually watch the video?  I hope so…

A Guide to Missions at FBC


Missions at FBC can be quite confusing.  Terms like FBM, Faith Baptist Mission, Faith’s 100, and ‘Traditional Missionary’ are frequently thrown around.  Today I want to take a minute to wade through the Missions Program at FBC.  So, I thought I would take a stab at providing this helpful guide.

FBC Missionaries

Since the inception of our church in the late 1970s, we have supported missionaries in the ‘traditional sense.’  This means that for these missionaries, we send money to their mission agency on a regular basis.  We sometimes refer to these missionaries as our  ‘traditionally supported missionaries.’  There are also several agencies that we support.  Here is a list of Missionaries & Agencies that fall into this category:

Gene Bryant, Kent & Kelly Craig, Tim & Pam Darling, Pete & Mary Lou Jenks, Chris & Diane Marine, Walter & Beverly McDonald, Chaplain John & Hope Murdoch, Patricio Oliva (Adelphos), Doug & Karen Phillips, Jon & Jenny Reiner, Jim & Lori Spoto, Gil & Denise Thomas, Bobby & Karen Williams, Gordon & Cindy Wyant, Ron & Sherry Yeater, ABWE, BMM, Baptist Church Planters, GARBC, Shepherds Baptist Ministries, Sunshine Baptist Fellowship

Faith’s 100 Missionaries

I like to think of Faith’s 100 as a vision more than a program or ministry.  Shortly after Pastor Osborne came to FBC, he started sharing a new vision for missions with us.  His vision was both simple and yet profound.   I would describe his vision this way.

Let’s raise up our own missionaries; train and equip them, and then support them 100% financially throughout their ministry.

Under Pastor Osborne’s leadership, FBC adopted this vision.  It is important to note that we never stopped supporting our traditional missionaries.  We have kept our commitment to them and even increased our financial commitments to them over the years.

We currently have three Faith’s 100 missionaries.  Jared Malcolm serves in Brazil.  Gary Simpson serves with Children’s Bible Ministries here in the US.  David and Anora Totman serve at a christian school in Budapest, Hungary.  In our church foyer, you will see a large section on the wall that is devoted to our Faith’s 100 missionaries.  You will see pictures of Jared, the Simpsons, and the Totmans.  You will also see a picture of Joe & Debbie Tassell and their family.  Joe Tassell serves as a Pastor of a church in Ohio.  Joe was ordained through Faith’s 100.  We helped train and prepare him for ministry.  While we do not support him financially, we do consider him a part of our Faith’s 100 program.

Faith Baptist Mission (FBM)

Several years ago, we setup a separate corporation to function as a mission agency.  At the time, our purpose was simply to serve our own Faith’s 100 missionaries.  We saw several benefits in handling these ‘mission agency responsibilities’ for our Faith’s 100 missionaries.  While we were not actively looking to recruit missionaries from outside our church, God had other plans.  In the fall of 2011, another Baptist Mission agency dissolved.  One of our FBC ‘traditionally supported’ missionaries was with this agency.  As we were thinking of how we could help our missionary, we offered to allow him to be a part of our ‘mission agency.’  To make a long story short, almost overnight, our mission agency (FBM) went from two missionaries to 13.

FBM Missionaries are those that we serve through our mission agency.  One of these missionaries (Chris Marine) does receive financial support from FBC.  He is one of our ‘traditionally supported’ missionaries.  The rest of our FBM missionaries receive no direct financial support from FBC.  But, we do promote their ministries in our church.  We do feature them in our Wednesday night Prayer Concern Bulletin.  We have featured them at our mission conferences.  Here is a list of our FBM Missionaries:

Ken & Sarah Beckley, Cindy Faile, Dan & Marsha Haynes, David & Comfort Jacobs, Chris & Diane Marine, Joe & Amy Marshall, Rich & Anna Marshall, Kathy Miller, Rich Melvin, Faye Obgartel, Colin & Teena Ovenell, Tim & Janice Phillips, Tim & Richelle Wright


I hope this short guide is helpful to you.  I realize that it probably does not answer all of your questions.  My hope is that it just gives you a birds-eye view of how missions functions at our church.  If you have any questions, please feel free to respond.  We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Happy Friday!


Faith Baptist Mission & EBM

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to read our previous post, What is Faith’s 100?.  It helps provide some background information for this post.

As you may already know, Evangelical Baptist Mission (EBM) recently dissolved.  This sudden announcement left many missionaries in a difficult position.  At the time of the decision, Faith Baptist Church (FBC) was supporting Chris & Diane Marine, EBM Missionaries currently serving in West Africa.  Our pastor naturally reached out to them and presented them with the option of becoming a part of Faith Baptist Mission (FBM). 

FBC has enjoyed a long relationship with Chris & Diane Marine as they have served the Lord in West Africa.  They are part of our family.  As we began discussing the possibility of them coming under FBM, they were naturally concerned about another family.  This family included an entire team of missionaries that the Lord has put together in West Africa.  Under EBM, the Marines provided leadership to this team as the Regional Coordinator.  The question quickly became, “Can the entire team come under FBM?”

As I write, we are frantically working out all of the necessary details for these missionaries to begin serving under Faith Baptist Mission.  To say that change is hard is a serious understatement in this case.  The missionaries and the staff of Faith Baptist Mission have been stretched and challenged.  But God is good, progress is being made and our prayer is that Jesus Christ will ultimately be glorified through all of this.

Please pray with us and for us as we continue through this transition.

What is Faith’s 100?

Faith’s 100 is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church (FBC).  In 1995, God called Pastor Nathan Osborne and his family to Winter Haven, FL to become the Senior Pastor of FBC.  Several years into his ministry, Pastor Osborne began to share a vision for Missions that was quite unique.   He said “What if FBC were able to send out 100 missionaries supported 100% financially by FBC?”  This simple question planted the initial seeds for Faith’s 100.

As you can imagine, this question stretched the minds of the members of FBC!  Pastor Osborne patiently waited and continued to pray and preach and minister to the congregation.  As he continued sharing his vision, he described a Missions program that sought to:

  • know its missionaries intimately
  • train & equip its missionaries in the ministries in which they will serve overseas
  • through its thorough knowledge of its missionaries – hold those missionaries accountable
  • support each of its missionaries 100% financially
This initial vision grew into Faith’s 100.  From a financial perspective, Faith’s 100 began very small.  Pastor Osborne recognized the importance of FBC being completely debt-free.  So, he led FBC to pay off over $300,000 in 14 months.  Paying off this debt freed up substantial resources and allowed Faith’s 100 to flourish.  Being debt free, FBC was able to begin setting aside significant resources for Faith’s 100. 
Faith’s 100 continues to this day.  It has trained men and women for ministry.  Some have gone into Pastoral ministry.  Some have worked in our local community with at-risk kids.  Some have gone into Camp Ministry.  Others have gone to Africa and Brazil.  There is no ‘mold’ for Faith’s 100.  Everyone who travels through the evaluation process is different and so the process is different each time.  
In recent years, it became apparent that Faith’s 100 needed to incorporate as a separate but auxiliary entity of FBC.  Doing so would allow Faith’s 100 to hire its missionaries directly.  This reduced the need and the cost of sending its missionaries through an outside mission agency.  In effect, this incorporation established Faith’s 100 as a mission agency.  Here is where the terms get cloudy.  There is Faith’s 100, Inc. – the Mission Agency.  There is also Faith’s 100 – the ministry of FBC that identifies, trains, and sends out missionaries.  For clarification purposes, Faith’s 100, Inc. is planning to change its name to Faith Baptist Mission.

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7 Reflections on the 2011 Mission Conference

Our 2011 Mission Conference has come and gone.  Here are 7 reflections I have on the conference.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Sunday evening Q & A session.  It was exciting to watch the interaction between the ‘seasoned’ missionaries and the Faith’s 100 potentials.  I just wish it could have been longer.  I felt like there were so many questions left unanswered.
  2. With all of the focus on Faith’s 100 at this year’s conference, I would like to see a future conference devoted exclusively to Faith’s 100.
  3. It is difficult to listen to a presentation about Shepherds Ministries and not get emotional.  Thank God for the ministry of Shepherds.
  4. Hannah Osborne’s video presenting her trip to Door of Hope Orphanage in South Africa was heart-wrenching.  It is hard to fathom that there are places in the world where babies are abandoned in trash piles.
  5. I am looking forward to the future Sunday service when I will be able to hear David Nyeholt’s and Hannah Wilkins’s presentations.
  6. Saturday morning’s breakfast was outstanding!  What a joy it will be to hold next year’s Mission Conference breakfast in our new gym!!
  7. The messages by Rick Piatt and Kent Craig were outstanding.  They challenged my thinking.

News from Brazil (Jared Malcolm)

(Jared’s new car!)

I was hoping to have some great news about the sale of the camp, but the process has been delayed. The contract for the sale of the camp was signed a month ago. The buyer then took the contract to the town council for their approval. They have approved the contract for the sale of the property. We then thought that everything was on go and the sale would be finalized. There was and is just one holdup in the works. It is election time here and the mayor of the city must sign off on the documents to make them official. The current mayor is running for governor and is too busy to sign anything as of right now. We have to wait until elections are over and then the document will get signed and Lord willing the contract will be finalized. Elections are scheduled for the first of October. That is the news at present on the camp property. We have held off in looking for new property until the contract is official.

The current camp is still there and going. There are not too many activities scheduled at this time. We have an event there the end of this week and one scheduled in October. It has been hard to plan much for the camp because of the pending sale of the property. Once the sale is final we will then plan on taking everything from the camp we wish to save as soon as possible. We really are hoping to do this before I leave to return to Florida in November. We believe we can get this done, but it will be a lot of work to finish.

The church here that is sponsoring me to come to Brazil has been working on the documents they need for my visa. The pastor is to go to a town council meeting and have the council vote to recognize the church as a corporation and doing business as a church. Once this has been done the church will be able to get the rest of the paperwork needed for me to bring to the consulate in Miami. The process can take some time to get the paperwork so please be in prayer that this process goes smoothly.

I decided a couple of months ago to start running. The first few days wasn’t very far, but I have stuck with it and kept running. You should see the looks on people when they see me run by for the first time. I do believe they are speechless at first. They probably spend the next hour calling all of their friends and telling them what they just saw. I don’t think that they have ever seen an American like me and running also. I have enjoyed running very much. It has helped me get into shape and somewhat relax. I will have to say that there was this one incident I had with a dog. I will have to tell you that this was not just any dog. This dog was ………………. (You are going to have to wait til I get home to hear the rest) Just a little something to keep you interested.

Thank you for all your prayers. I sure need them. In HIS Service, Jared

Jared Malcolm is a Faith’s 100 missionary.  He currently serves at a camp ministry in Brazil.