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Pastor Osborne in HD* – WATCH NOW!

Christmas has come early!  We have begun posting video of Pastor Osborne’s sermons on our website.  The soothing sounds of his voice and his stunning visage is now available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  The clarity of the video is quite stunning.  You can clearly see the ‘spit’ as it flies from his mouth onto the poor souls sleeping on the front rows.

So, from our house to yours, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

…and a Happy Friday


*Disclaimer – I don’t know if these videos are actually HD or not.  It just makes for a better headline 🙂  We cannot be held liable for the accuracy of this statement.

How Deep (Have You Gone) With Christ in 2015?

In December, our Pastor asked us this question, “How Deep Will You Go with Christ in 2015?”  He even asked us to write it down on a piece of paper.  Today I want you to revisit what our Pastor wrote 7 months ago.  I encourage you to think back to the commitments that you made in December and ask yourself this question, “How Deep Have I Gone With Christ in 2015?

In December, Pastor Wrote:

Deep things are intriguing: deep water, deep caves, canyons and gorges, deep thoughts and conversations.  There is nothing like depth to make us dissatisfied with superficial shallow things.  Once we have tasted the marvels and mysteries of our deep God, we realize there are special times in our lives that God shows us the value of taking the time to search the depths.

As we approach 2015, God is inviting each one of us to dive deeper with Him instead of being content with surface matters.  1 Corinthians 2:10 tells us that the Spirit of God searches all things, even the depths of God.  The depths of God’s wisdom and the depths of God’s ways are described as being unsearchable and unfathomable.  Paul wrote in Romans 11,

“Oh the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God.  How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable are His ways.” 

Clearly our Lord operates in realms far beyond our ability to comprehend.  However, He longs for us to explore and experience that which is beyond the obvious.  Job asked the question,

“Can you discover the depths of God?  Can you discover the limits of the Almighty? They are as high as the heavens, what can you do?  Deeper than the grave, what can you know?”  

Divine depths defy discovery by the natural means of our minds.  God reserves those things for those whose hearts are completely His.  Only in this way can there be intimacy with our great God.

At the birth of Jesus, God asked several to go deeper.

  • Consider Mary & Joseph – How deep did God ask them to go?  How much did they give in their journey we call life?  How much were they asked to trust Him?  What did they sacrifice on this earth to obey the Word of God?
  • Consider the Shepherds – How deep did God ask them to go in their belief in what was happening that miraculous night?  Others laughed and scoffed at their story.  Others mocked them for being poor shepherds.  God asked them to go deep with Him and to give much.
  • Consider the Wise Men – How deep did God ask them to go?   How many would deride their decision to follow God’s star?  How many would ridicule the cost of travel, the wear and tear on their bodies, and the expensive gifts they would offer to a child?

God asked all of them to go deeper with Him.  To the praise of His glory, they all said YES.  We too must go deeper with God.  We must attempt to understand the depths of God’s providence.  We must search out the depths of God’s love and sovereignty.  If we do this, we will be able to worship God even when things occur that bring pain, sorrow, and affliction to our lives.  This worship is an act of faith that is rooted in our trust of God even when we do not understand His actions.

We must realize that we have not yet heard the rest of our story.  All the subsequent chapters to our lives have already been written by God.  We just have not yet read them.  To God be the glory for the years He has given to you so far.  To God be the glory because on this day and everyday He is our shield, our fortress, our courage to face the day, and our great reward!

How Deep Are You Willing to Go with God in 2015?

We know what God has given to us.  What are you willing to give to Him?  It could be that you need to give Him your heart.  You may be sporadic in going to church and want to give Him more time in public worship.  You may want to give Him your time in serving in a ministry like Awana, FX, Upwards, or Sunday School.  You may have anxiety, depression, or fear and need to give those to God and let Him hold them for you.  You may need to forgive someone who has caused you hurt or even harm.  You may need to spend more time in prayer.  Whatever it is – give it to God.  Write it on a piece of paper.  Put it someplace that you will see everyday.  Let that simple piece of paper remind you of your commitment to go deeper with God in 2015.

May we all go deeper with God in 2015.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Osborne

So, How Deep Have You Gone With Christ in 2015? 

Pastor & Jill Osborne – 20 Years of Faithfulness

osborne - pastor and jill 2014 (Custom)

1995 was a big year for Faith Baptist Church.  We had been without a Senior Pastor for nearly two years.  However, all of that would change in March.  In March of 1995, 20 years ago, a young pastor moved his wife and four children from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to Polk County, Florida.  At the time, they moved into a parsonage on Lake Howard owned by Beymer Methodist Church.   They moved here to become the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church.  To God be the glory, 20 years later, Pastor & Jill Osborne are still serving the Lord at FBC.

Wrestling with kids
Pastor being the ‘pony’ with his children shortly after moving to Florida.

I have been at FBC since the beginning of Pastor’s ministry.  When he came, I was a 13 year old student in the 8th grade.  I remember him teaching the teens in what was then the ‘old sanctuary.’  I can remember being a teenager and hearing him teach us about dating relationships.

“It starts with knowledge.  Knowledge leads to friendship.  There is no touching yet!!  Friendship leads to companionship…..”

Over the past 20 years, I have heard that lesson repeated time and time again.  In fact, just this past Sunday, Pastor was teaching the same concepts in the morning service.

For several weeks (and even months) I have been thinking about writing this article and about Pastor’s 20th anniversary.  I want you to think about the word ‘legacy.’  After 20 years, I believe it is appropriate to talk about the Legacy of Pastor Osborne.

  • He is a Man of Vision – This is a severe understatement.  He prays big prayers and dreams big dreams.  His vision let FBC to pay off debt early, purchase property, and build a building debt-free.  His vision led us to Faith’s 100 and even Faith Baptist Mission.  However, it was not vision alone.  It was vision coupled with faith.  Pastor had the vision and also the faith to believe that God could accomplish his vision.  Years ago, few believed that Faith’s 100 could actually happen.  Pastor believed.  Today, Faith’s 100 stands as a remarkable testimony to the power of our God and the vision and faith of our Pastor.
  • He is a Servant – We have a Pastor who loves us and who genuinely serves us.  If you ask him for help, he will help you.  He works tirelessly to meet our needs, both spiritually and physical.  He will come pray with you in the hospital.  He will come to your house in the middle of the night.  He will come hold your hand when your loved one dies.  For 20 years, FBC has been blessed with a Pastor who gives far more than he receives.
  • He is Faithful – In my opinion, this is the most important part about the past 20 years.  We have a Pastor who has not failed.  He has remained faithful to God.  He has remained faithful to his wife.  He has remained faithful to his children.  He has remained faithful to all of us.  In our society, Pastors give in to moral failure all the time.  Our Pastor has not done this.  We are not the victims of any moral failure on his part.  To God be the Glory.

There is no greater gift that God can give to FBC than a faithful Pastor.  For 20 years, we have been blessed beyond comprehension by Pastor & Jill Osborne.  We, FBC, need to fall on our knees and thank God for His gift to us.  Then, we need to rise and give thanks to Pastor & Jill for faithfully serving God at FBC.

We have much to be thankful for today!


Three Thanksgiving Thoughts from Pastor Osborne


Today is Thanksgiving.  I trust that you will be enjoying the day with friends and family.  Remember to take time to be thankful.  As you travel through your day remember the words that Paul wrote to the Ephesian church:

Giving thanks always for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to God, even the Father.”  (Eph. 5:20)

Let me share Three Thoughts on Thanksgiving with you that come from this verse.

1.  We are to be Thankful Always

To be thankful always is to recognize God’s control of our lives in every detail as He seeks to conform us to the image of His son Jesus.  To be thankless even for the hard things that come into our lives is to disregard God’s control, Jesus being the Lord of our lives, and the filling of the Holy Spirit.  Nothing grieves the Holy Spirit as much as a true believer who does not offer genuine thanks to God.  When God allows trials and difficulties to come into our lives we often grumble and complain.  When we do this, we are ultimately questioning God wisdom, His love, and His sovereignty.

There are three specific levels in which we are to be thankful.

  • We are to be thankful when God blesses us.  When things are going well, when we are experiencing peace, when we receive an unexpected blessing – thankfulness drips easily from our tongue.  There is nothing wrong with this type of thankfulness.  The Bible instructs us to be thankful for these blessings.  However, this kind of thankfulness requires very little maturity.
  • We are to be thankful in anticipation of some kind of blessing yet to happen.  Thanking God for a blessing yet to come is much harder than thanking Him for something that has already happened.  It requires much more faith and spiritual maturity.  It requires hope because it involves the unseen.  In this level, we are to be thankful for victory before it is even achieved.
  • We are to be thankful in the middle of a trial.  This is the most difficult level and requires the most spiritual maturity.  Here, we are  to be thankful even when we feel like we are losing the battle.  To thank God while we are in the middle of pain or trials shows a level of maturity that few Christians seem to know.  But, our heavenly Father wants all Christians to have this kind of thankfulness.

2.  We are to Give Thanks for All Things

Only a humble person can genuinely give thanks for all things.  An authentically humble person is one who knows he deserves nothing.  A lack of thankfulness comes from the sin of pride.  It comes from the thought that we deserve something better than what we have.  Pride tries to convince us that our job, our health, our spouse, and most of what we possess is not as good as we deserve.  Pride was at the root of the first sin and remains the root of all sin.  Humility is the only cure for pride.  Humility comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit.  Humility dethrones self and enthrones Christ.  Truly, “He (Christ) must increase and I must decrease.”

3.  We are to be Thankful ‘in the name of Christ’

The mature believer gives thanks to the Father just as Christ continually gave thanks.  Notice this:

  • Jesus deserved glory but received humiliation
  • Jesus deserved love but received hate
  • Jesus deserved honor but received dishonor
  • Jesus deserved praise but received scorn
  • Jesus deserved riches but received poverty
  • Jesus deserved holiness but was made sin on our behalf

In spite of all that and more, Jesus never lost his thankfulness.  Because Jesus emptied Himself to the point of giving His own life, He is able to fill us with everything we need for salvation.

  • We deserve humiliation but in Christ we receive glory
  • We deserve to be hated but in Christ we are loved
  • We deserve dishonor but in Christ we receive honor
  • We deserve scorn but in Christ we receive good
  • We deserve poverty but in Christ we receive riches
  • We deserve death but in Christ we receive eternal life

One mark of the true Spirit-filled believer is that they always give thanks, for all things, in the name of Christ.  As Spirit-filled believers we are to continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God.  On this Thanksgiving Day, Always be Thankful.  Be Thankful for all things.  Be Thankful in the Name of Christ.

What About You?

What are you thankful for today ? Leave a comment below and let us know what you are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pastor Osborne


Eight Analogies of Grace from 2 Samuel 9 (by Pastor Osborne)

Pastor Osborne recently preached a message entitled Eight Analogies of Grace.  In that message, from 2 Samuel 9, Pastor looked at the kindness David showed to the last member of Saul’s family – Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth.  Pastor highlighted Eight Analogies of Grace that we can see from that story.

  1. There was a time when Mephibosheth enjoyed fellowship with his father – So did humanity in the Garden of Eden.
  2. When disaster struck, fear came, and Mephibosheth suffered a fall that crippled him the rest of his life.  When sin came, humanity suffered a fall, which has left us all spiritually corrupt and crippled.
  3. Out of unconditional love for his friend, David sought anyone to whom he might extend grace.  God, because of His unconditional love for His Son and His acceptance of His Son’s death on the cross, continues to extend His grace to humanity.
  4. The crippled man was destitute and undeserving.  All he could do was accept the kind’s favor.  As sinners we are undeserving and without hope.  In no way are we worthy of our king’s favor.  All we can do is humbly and gratefully accept it.
  5. The king (David) took the crippled and broken man (Mephibosheth) from the barren wasteland and seated him at the royal banquet table in the palace.  God, our Father, has rescued believers from a moral wasteland and seated us in a place of spiritual nourishment and intimacy.
  6. David adopted the crippled man into his royal family, providing every blessing within the palace.  Believers have been adopted into God’s family in which He has provided to us full privileges as adult sons.
  7. Mephibosheth’s crippled feet were a constant reminder of David’s grace.  Our moral feebleness and weaknesses keep us from forgetting that where sin abounds, grace abounds so much more.
  8. When Mephibosheth sat at the king’s table, he was treated with the same respect as David’s sons.  Some day all true believers will sit at the wedding feast of the Lamb.  We will sit with the prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors and missionaries from Peter, to Luther, to Calvin, to Moody, to Corrie ten Boom, to Billy Graham.  God’s tablecloth of GRACE will cover us all!

Rejoice Always, Pray Without Ceasing, and In Everything Give Thanks? (by Pastor Osborne)

On Sunday mornings, Pastor Osborne has been preaching through 1 Thessalonians.  In one of his recent sermons he came to the following verses:

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, ESV)

From these verses, Pastor brought a message entitled – Growing a Healthy Church:  Traits That Make Us Infectious Encouragers.  He gave us three specific instructions:

Be Constantly Joyful – “Rejoice Always”

This exhortation to rejoice always may seem absurd and impossible to obey given life’s inevitable difficulties.  But, as a divinely inspired command, believers must heed it.  Any failure to do so is a direct disregard for the clear teaching of the scriptures and is sinful disobedience. Pastor shared 10 reasons why we should rejoice:

  1. Because of God’s righteous character
  2. Because of Christ’s redemptive work
  3. Because of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in our lives
  4. Because of the spiritual blessings God gives us
  5. Because of God’s gracious providence
  6. Because of our future in heaven
  7. Because God answers prayer
  8. Because of God’s wonderful gift of His Word
  9. Because of genuine Christian fellowship
  10. Because the gospel of Jesus is being preached

Joyful Christians are more concerned with glorifying God than with avoiding temporary difficulties!

Be Constantly Prayerful – “Pray without ceasing”

Joyful believers are praying believers.  Those who live their lives in joyful dependence on God will continually recognize their own inadequacies and therefore be in a constant attitude of prayer.  The New Testament emphasizes prayer in order to:

  1. Glorify God
  2. Have fellowship with God
  3. Understand that God will meet our needs
  4. Have God’s wisdom in a crazy world
  5. Have deliverance from trouble
  6. Experience relief from fear and worry
  7. Express our gratitude to God
  8. Thank God for the freedom from guilt
  9. Pray for the salvation of the lost
  10. Grow spiritually

Be Constantly Thankful – “In everything give thanks”

Being unthankful is the very essence of the unregenerate heart.  Then God regenerates a heart, He makes a new creation that longs to obey the divine command, “in everything give thanks.  John MacArthur has written,

“It is spiritually abnormal for Christians to be unthankful.”

What Can We Learn?

Pastor closed his message with three lessons that we can learn.

  1. Does joy permeate your life?  Does laughter ring through your home?  If not, then perhaps you are allowing circumstances and not the power of God to dictate the way you live.  Look beyond yourself and your feeling sand your petty faults to our Sovereign all-powerful God and He will fill your heart with joy.
  2. Prayer begins the process of helping us to think like God.  Prayer puts us in contact with God, the Supreme source of wisdom.  Prayer can free us from the anchors of life that drag us down and drain our joy.  Be honest!  Do you really pray?
  3. We may not always understand why certain events occur in our lives.  We may not see, without the aid of hindsight, the good that God is bringing out of our circumstances.  But we do have God’s infallible assurance that He will cause “all things to work together for good” to those who are a part of His forever family.  That should be enough to prompt us to be thankful in everything.