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Last Call for VBS 2015 ~ Register Today!

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VBS starts Monday.  As I write this, we have over 150 children signed up to attend.  Wow.  That’s a lot of children.  It promises to be a memorable week.  We will be taking an epic expedition through the book of Proverbs.

Since, VBS starts Monday, you need to register your children TODAY if you are planning on them attending.  Pre-registering helps us tremendously.  It allows us to go ahead and place your children in the appropriate classes.

So, I wanted to send out a final call for registrations.  You can use the link below to easily register your children.

Click to Register Button


You also can still sign-up to volunteer during VBS.  Simply click below to complete the registration process.

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See you Monday!

VBS 2015 ~ Camp Kilimanjaro

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VBS.  Three simple letters that strike both fear and excitement into my heart.  V.B.S. – Vacation Bible School.  It is one week every summer.  Five days.   Yet, tremendous amounts of work and planning go into those 5 days.  The days are exhausting but rewarding.  VBS truly is an annual highlight for many in our church and community.

VBS 2015

This year’s VBS will be June 15-19.  Our theme this year is call Camp Kilimanjaro: An Epic Expedition Through Proverbs.  As we study through the book of Proverbs, we will learn to have:

  • Ears that hear and do the Word of God
  • Hearts that trust in the Lord
  • Tongues that are tame
  • Hands that get to work
  • Feet that walk with the wise

It promises to be an exciting week!

What Can You Do?

  • Pray.  VBS is hard work.  Pray for myself and all of the workers.  Pray that we will love the children.  Pray for the children.  Pray that they will learn to love God with their whole heart.
  • Bring children to VBS.  Start by bringing your own children.  Invite their friends.  VBS is usually better when their are children here!
  • Bring cookies.  Children love cookies!  Throughout the week we will consume untold numbers of cookies.  You can help by bringing cookies to the kitchen in our Fellowship Hall.
  • Make a Donation.  VBS is not cheap.  Would you be willing to make a contribution to help support our VBS?  You can easily do so by placing your contribution in a envelope and marking it ‘VBS.’
  • Bring Yourself.  A successful VBS requires an abundance of workers who love children.  Working at VBS is an incredibly rewarding experience.  You will work hard, but you will be directly used by God to minister to the children and families of our community.

Sign-up to Volunteer!

You can easily sign up to be a volunteer at our VBS through this special link below.  Do it today!

Click to Volunteer Button


Register Your Children (and others too)

Click the link below to conveniently register children for our VBS.

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VBS 2014 – How Can You Help?

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VBS is a big deal.  It provides us a unique opportunity to spend 5 days teaching Biblical Truth.  Many of the children who will come to VBS do not regularly attend church anywhere.  The teaching they receive during this week is often the only Biblical teaching they get.  This year’s curriculum focuses on uncovering counterfeit gods and identifying the one true God.  We will spend the week learning about our God – the one true God.

This year’s VBS is much earlier than previous years.  It will be June 9-13th and is from 9am to Noon each day.  There are several ways you can help with VBS.

  1. Pray.  When you realize the magnitude of VBS, it should make prayer a priority.  Pray for VBS.  This is one way that every one of us can help.  Pray for the children.  Pray for the workers.
  2. Bring Children.  Bring your children to VBS.  Bring your grandchildren to VBS.  Bring your neighborhood children to VBS.
  3. Bring Cookies.  It takes mountains of cookies.  Such a small thing puts such a large smile on each child’s face. Cookies (store bought and homemade) can be brought to the Fellowship Hall kitchen.
  4. Bring Yourself.  It takes tons of workers to adequately staff our VBS.  As I write this, we still need workers in the following areas:
    • Nursery – We need nursery workers everyday to watch the small children of our workers.
    • Preschool – Not every church invites preschool-aged children to their VBS.  We do and this area is always packed with children.  We still need many workers to help with these 3, 4, & 5 year old children.
    • Team Leaders – We still need a few Team Leaders for our VBS.  Each team leader is responsible for a group of roughly 8-10 children.  They lead them around to the various stations (snacks, Bible time, crafts, game time, etc.).  The Team Leader plays an important role and generally develops the closest relationships to the children.

So, remember, VBS is a big deal.  Resolve today that you will be a part of it.  Don’t ignore it.  Determine how you can help.  Use the top link below to register children for VBS and use the bottom link to sign-up as a volunteer.

Click to Register Button

Click to Volunteer Button


If you have any questions about VBS, feel free to contact me through this link.  I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

That’s all for today.  Have a great weekend!


Through the Eyes of the Volunteer (by Alona Hradec)

Vacation Bible School are three words that I have not used, since I attended only once in the second grade.  But this past week has proven to be one of the best times I have had working with children and learning from each of them and other leaders.  I would like to share how this year’s VBS looked through this worker’s eyes.  There are four lessons that I learned from working VBS this year.

Lesson 1 ~ Preparation
I learned that there is so much that goes on behind the scenes for Vacation Bible School.  The many weeks worth of preparation is one of the keys to a successful VBS.  I had the chance to help prepare for the week of VBS.  There were always copies, copies, and more copies, but to see children’s faces as they learn the verses on a coloring sheet made all the paper cuts and paper jams worth it.  Candy and trinkets were sorted and put into “treasure bags;” so that when a child would answer a question correctly, he would win a little prize.

Lesson 2 ~ The Value of Teachers
This past week I was able to observe one of the classes (5-6 grade girls) one day and then teach the class the next day.  I will be completely honest in saying that I am not a good public speaker, but I realized that these children are like sponges because they soak up everything a teacher says.  They cling to every last word of the lessons.  When they are quizzed over the lessons, they would tell the correct answer and the reason behind it.  Teachers truly do have the ability to shape and mold the children they teach.  I’m truly grateful to have seen teachers, who teach God’s Word with such passion this past week.

Lesson 3 ~ Bible Glasses & Dinosaurs
This year’s VBS was focused on God’s incredible creation.  We spent the week “riding” on the Creation Coaster of Incrediworld.  Each day was spent learning that as Christians, we are to view the world through our “Bible Glasses” (Christian worldview) to determine what was true and right.  On Friday, the main topic was dinosaurs.  I knew these animals were huge, but I had never had a visual aid to help me wrap my brain around how humongous they truly were.  Mr. Stephen showed the entire group of children and leaders that one dinosaur would have stretched from one corner of the gymnasium to the other, which would cut the gym (rectangle) into two triangles.  Wow!  He then showed a diagram that had this same dinosaur and a 6 foot man standing in front of it.  The man’s head came to middle of the dinosaur’s leg, between its knee and foot.  It was incredible!  Our God is so amazing and powerful!

Lesson 4 ~ Power of Prayer
Vacation Bible School may only be for one week, but what these children have learned goes with them forever.  I found myself praying multiple times a day for each of the children that came daily.  This past week they have been surrounded by Biblical truths and godliness, but now they are headed back to their homes and communities.  I should pray for them even more as they go back to be the light in the darkness of this world.  Some are growing up in Christian homes, where it is easier to choose right and be light, but others are the only light in their families.  I ask that you, too, would keep all of these children in your prayers daily.

That was my VBS week: an opportunity to learn and grow.  I can’t wait until next year!  🙂

VBS Summary (by Stephen Simpson)

In case you missed Sunday night’s VBS report, here are some unique statistics about VBS.

  • Wednesday of VBS was our largest day with 244 kids who came.
  • We had over 275 different kids registered for VBS.
  • Our offering for the week was $1055.32. This included 86 rolls of pennies, 20 rolls of nickels, 23 rolls of dimes, & 24 rolls of quarters.
  • About 20 ladies attended our MUM’s class.
  • Over 3000 cookies were willingly consumed.
  • Several children made a profession of faith in Christ.

We are praising the Lord for all He did during VBS.