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Pastor Osborne in HD* – WATCH NOW!

Christmas has come early!  We have begun posting video of Pastor Osborne’s sermons on our website.  The soothing sounds of his voice and his stunning visage is now available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  The clarity of the video is quite stunning.  You can clearly see the ‘spit’ as it flies from his mouth onto the poor souls sleeping on the front rows.

So, from our house to yours, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

…and a Happy Friday


*Disclaimer – I don’t know if these videos are actually HD or not.  It just makes for a better headline 🙂  We cannot be held liable for the accuracy of this statement.

In My Seat – A Pilot’s Story from September 10th – 11th

(originally posted September 8th, 2011)

Sunday is September 11th.  It has been 10 years since the horrific attacks on our country.  If you are like me, you remember exactly where you were when you heard about the attacks.  I was a college student at Bob Jones University and was sitting in chapel when I first learned about the attacks.  I remember walking out of chapel and seeing a girl sitting in the back row.  She was clutching her cell phone, rocking in her seat, and sobbing.  I don’t know her story, but I still see that image when I think about September 11th.

This video shares an unbelievable story.  Peter Scheibner, BJU senior cinema student, portrays the compelling testimony of his father, Steve Scheibner, an American Airlines pilot whose life was spared when a more senior pilot bumped him from Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

"A Tribute to America’s Heroes" – Rod & Judy Nyeholt

On July 3rd, 2011, Faith Baptist Church presented a special patriotic program entitled “A Tribute to America’s Heroes.”  Throughout that program several ‘heroes’ were recognized.  Two of those heroes are a Mom and Dad – Rod & Judy Nyeholt.
He was born in 1959 in New Orleans.  He was the oldest of John & Jane’s four children. When he started 9th grade, his parents moved to Michigan where he would graduate from Hudsonville High School.  After attending Grand Rapids Baptist College for a year he decided that work was a better option.  He was talented with his hands and could fix anything.  Yet, there was a hunger to serve God in a unique way with the gifts God had given him.  So, in 1981 he moved to Lake Wales, Florida to serve with the Agape Players.  He became the driver, the mechanic, and their sound technician.

She was the youngest of three girls born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Her Mom and Dad were George and Martha – not Washington, but Thornton.  She graduated from Central Cambria High School.  For the next two years she worked in her community until everything changed in the 1977 Johnstown Flood.  She knew God wanted her to serve Him in some way.  A group from Florida came to town called the Agape Players.  She decided to try-out.  She auditioned, was accepted, and in 1979 she moved to Lake Wales, Florida to be one of the players in the Agape Players who would travel across the United States and even the oceans to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They met in 1981.  Three years later in 1984 they had their first date.  Then, on the bus while driving back from a church concert, he asked her to be his life-long mate.  On April 27, 1985 at Faith Baptist Church in Winter Haven, Florida, Pastor Robert Whitney officiated at the service that brought Rod and Judy Nyeholt together as husband and wife.  In 2011 they celebrated 26 years of marriage.

In 1987 their first son, David, was born.  David has graduated from Lake Region High School.  He received his AA Degree from Polk State College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exceptional Student Education from Southeastern University.  He is now a teacher at Polk City Elementary.  He wants to get a Master’s Degree in Exceptional Student Studies and serve God on the Mission field.  David says,

“My mom and dad are always here for us.  They are dedicated, kind, generous and hard-working.”

In 1992, their second son, Jonathan, was born.  Jonathan graduated this year from Harrison School of the Arts.  He has played his violin in Chicago, France, and most importantly – the FBC orchestra.  He is enrolled at Southeastern University to study Music Education and Performance.  Jonathan says,

“They (his mom and day) are consistent in everything they do – in their parenting, in their teaching, and in their beliefs.”

In 1994, their third child was born – a little girl named Heather.  Heather is a special gift from God.  She is enrolled at Karen M. Segel Academy Learning Center for children with special needs.  Rod and Judy are eternally thankful to God for their three children.  Judy is very grateful to God that their children have chosen to stay in church and follow His path.  Judy says,

“It takes a strong church to help us raise our kids.”

Rod is very proud of all his children and how they have applied themselves in school and church.

The verse they have for their children is found in Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

Faith Baptist Church proudly presents the Medal of Freedom and Citizenship for being heroic parents to Rod and Judy Nyeholt.

Others Recognized During “A Tribute to America’s Heroes

"A Tribute to America’s Heroes" – PCSO Deputies Weppelman and Bissett

On July 3rd, 2011, Faith Baptist Church presented a special patriotic program entitled “A Tribute to America’s Heroes.”  Throughout that program several ‘heroes’ were recognized.  Two of those heroes are Polk County Sheriff’s Deputies Michael Weppelman and Mike Bissett.
Deputy Michael Weppelman has been a deputy in the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for over 22 years.  He is married to Mary, who is a retired EMS and currently the director of Angel’s Care Center of Eloise.  He has 2 children.
Deputy Mike Bissett has been a Law Enforcement Officer for almost 21 years.  He also served our country as an Officer in the Army Air Defense Artillery for 4 years.  He and his wife Renee have been married for 20 years.  He has 3 children.
Deputy Weppelman & Deputy Bissett

Working as deputies in the Sheriff’s Department is an honorable profession and it is a high privilege to wear the green uniform and serve the people of Polk County.  It can at times be a very dangerous job.  Deputy Weppelman and Deputy Bissett’s lives intersected last year when they were called out to what appeared to be a routine domestic dispute.  There is nothing routine about being a deputy sheriff.  On this particular day, the bad guy pulled a gun and fired at these officers.  Because we have a gracious God and good training in the Sheriff’s department, Deputies Weppelman and Bissett handled this situation in the most professional way.  They were instrumental in keeping the community safe and protecting the citizens of our county.

Sheriff Grady Judd & Deputy Weppelman

Deputy Weppelman said,

“I enjoy serving the good people of our community.  I will do whatever service the people need – from retreiving an alligator  from a swimming pool, getting a snake out of a house, talking to a lonely soul on a dark street, to replacing a widow’s mailbox, to putting away the bad guys.”
When Deputy Weppelman joined the Sheriff’s Office, he thought it was going to simply be a stepping stone to something else.  It turned out that the Sheriff’s Department became a family he just couldn’t leave.
Deputy Bissett said,
“I think it’s nice that the people of Polk County know that their police officers really care.”
Deputy Bissett and family

Deputy Bissett wanted to be a police officer ever since he watched the old Adam 12 TV programs as a boy.  His favorite thing about serving as a deputy is that every day is different.  You never know what to expect when you go to work.  His wife Renee, who teaches in the Special Education Low Functioning Autistic Unit at Garner Elementary said,

“I pray for and completely support my husband.  His being a deputy is part of our lives.”
His daughter Hannah thinks that it is fine her dad is a deputy.  She wants to go into the Criminal Justice field and someday be Sheriff Judd’s lawyer.  Josh said he also wants to be a police officer and serve on the SWAT team.  Sarah said she used to be scared a little about dad being a deputy but now she thinks it’s cool.  Her first question to dad when he gets home is “Did you catch any bad guys today?”
Mike Bissett says that his job is enjoyable because the people of Polk County are very appreciative to the Sheriff’s Department.
This year Deputy Mike Bissett and Deputy Mike Weppelman were awarded the Medal of Valor for their effective action in the face of life-threatening circumstances.
Faith Baptist Church is proud to present to Deputy Mike Bissett and Deputy Michael Weppelman and to their families the Medal of Freedom and Citizenship for their heroic service to our community in the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.

Others Recognized During “A Tribute to America’s Heroes

"A Tribute to America’s Heroes" – Firefighter Jim Davis

On July 3rd, 2011, Faith Baptist Church presented a special patriotic program entitled “A Tribute to America’s Heroes.”  Throughout that program several ‘heroes’ were recognized.  One of those heroes is Firefighter Jim Davis.
Jim Davis was born in a little out of the way place called Wauchula, Florida.  His Mom and Dad were named Charles and Weida.  He grew up next door to the fire station.  As a kid he would get an RC Cola and spend his time around the station talking to the firemen.
As a student, he really was not a troublemaker, but he was always in trouble.  The teachers thought that he wasn’t paying attention.  In reality, he had an undiagnosed hearing loss, short-term memory loss, dyslexia and a speech impediment.  No one, except his parents, thought he would go very far in life.  As a child, Jim prayed two prayers:
  1. Please God, don’t let me vomit.  (because he couldn’t stand the thought of throwing-up)
  2. Please God, let me be smart.
I don’t know if God answered the first prayer the way that Jim wanted Him to, but the 2nd prayer was answered in ways that defy the imagination.  Jim had to learn how to cope with the things in his life that would make others want to give up.  Jim developed the PEG system for memory.  That system for learning and memory has taken him to:
  • South Florida Community College where he became an EMT
  • Polk Vocational Technical Center where he passed the State of Florida Firefighter Minimum Standards
  • Polk Community College where he earned an AA degree in General Education and an AS degree in Fire Science Technology
  • Rollins College where he earned a BS degree (with honors) in Fire Safety Administration
  • University of South Florida where he earned a Master’s degree in Education and where he is currently writing a dissertation for a PhD in Cognitive Instructional Technology.
Yes, God made Jim Davis smart.
At 18, Jim volunteered at the Wachula Fire Department.  There were times back then when you were out of radio range and you just had to fight the fire by yourself.  By the age of 20, he was a full-time fireman in Wachula.  In 1975, he was hired by the Winter Haven Fire Department.  Those were the brutal and harsh growing up years where Jim learned to endure mistreatment without getting bitter.  He fought fires and buried himself into reading and studying every shift.  When test taking time came, Jim was more prepared.  In spite of being the youngest person and the least experienced person on the force, Jim was promoted to Captain.  Jim spent 36 years serving Winter Haven and Polk County as a Fireman, a Captain, and as a Deputy Chief.
Some significant memories of fires are the different packing house that have burned as well as St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  What haunts his mind are the times he had to watch as people lost their lives in fires where he couldn’t do anything to help them.  Sometimes people run back into burning building for insignificant things or things that are easily replaced only to lose their lives.
Jim has won multiple awards including Firefighter of the Year in 1987 & 1995.  He is a teacher, an instructor, a writer and a mentor to young men and women all over Polk County.
Jim married Elizabeth on November 4, 1995 and they make an outstanding team serving God and their community.
Jim is an outstanding son.  He and Elizabeth took care of Weida and Charles until their deaths.  They look forward to their reunion in heaven.
Jim is also a gifted artist.  His company, Inspiration Paintings, features Jim’s artwork of Jesus Himself or an angel sent from Christ, assisting the firefighter and law enforcement officer.  Jim’s prints are found in homes, fire stations, churches, and many other places throughout the world.  Many people find them as a source of comfort during a difficult period in their life.
Jim and Elizabeth’s love for the Lord Jesus Christ is evident in all they do.  A verse these two hold on to is John 15:13,
Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
Faith Baptist Church is proud to present to Jim and Elizabeth Davis the Medal of Freedom and Citizenship for their heroic service in the firefighter’s community in Winter Haven and Polk County.