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Upward Basketball & Cheerleading 2017

Upward Basketball & Cheerleading 2017

Ages: K-4 through 8th grade (boys and girls)

Cost: $80 per participant

Registration & Evaluations

To register, each player must attend one evaluation. Evaluations will take place in the Family Life Center Gym. Stop by on the day that’s most convenient for you.

  • Tuesday, August 1, between 5pm and 7pm
  • Thursday, August 3, between 5pm and 7pm
  • Monday, August 7 between 5pm and 7pm
  • Tuesday, August 8, between 5pm and 7pm


Practices begin the week of September 11.


The first games will be Saturday, September 23 and the final games and Awards Celebration will take place on Saturday, November 11.

 The Upward Experience

  • 1 practice & 1 game per week
  • Unique substitution system ensures every young athlete plays
  • Quality game day uniform and other support related gear
  • Age appropriate character and skill development both on and off the court

For more information, contact us.

Water Festival 2017 – July 22

Water Festival 2017 – July 22 from 10am-1pm

Sponsored by Faith Baptist Awana Clubs and Upward Sports

Join us for Water Festival 2017. This free, family event will feature water slides, games, food and more. And you just never know who may show up in the dunk tank! Information about Awana, our Wednesday night, school year program, and Upward Basketball and Cheerleading will be available as well. Come join the fun!

Faith Baptist Church

$700 in Prizes Awarded at Sacred Music Competition!


On Saturday morning, October 8th, the Fine Arts Academy at Faith Baptist Church hosted its 3rd annual Sacred Music Competition.  Competition was fierce as 24 students competed across three age based divisions.  In the end, nine students walked away with prizes totaling $700.

Started in 2014, the Sacred Music Competition exists to promote excellence in sacred music.  The competition is really quite simple.  Students play one piece of music.  It does not have to be memorized.  There is no fee to participate.  The only rules are that it must be an arrangement of a sacred song and they must provide an original copy of the score.  The intention is for the students to play something they could easily play at their home church.  Three judges assign a score to each student.  The students with the top scores win cash prizes.

Competition director Stephen Simpson remarked,

“For what amounts to a small amount of money, we now have 24 young people armed with a piece of music ready to be used in their local church.  It truly is money well spent.”

By God’s grace, over the past three years, this small competition has awarded $2,100 in prizes.  It truly is amazing to see what God has done.  Would you pray with us for this competition?  We would love to see it expand beyond being a ‘piano-only’ competition.  Our long-term vision is to have multiple competitions for Piano, Voice, and other Instruments.  Pray that God would direct us and provide so that we could make this happen.

To God be the Glory for all that He is doing through the Fine Arts Academy at Faith Baptist Church.

Marriage: Landscaping or Architecture

Many people think that marriage is like planting a tree.  You spend a lot of time picking out just the right one at the tree farm. You inspect it thoroughly. You pick one that is appealing to you, one that is just the right size, the type of tree you can grow old with & will fit in with your foreseeable landscaping plans. Then, after buying some expensive potting soil and some fertilizer …you plant it! And voila! Having done your due diligence, you water it a few times… and expect the tree just to take off on its own. Your work is done.

But Marriage is nothing like planting a tree. In fact, it’s far more like building a great brick house. It has to be put it together brick by brick throughout all the seasons of life. It requires you to keep adding bricks even if you are tired, or mad, or busy. You have to invest in good tools and solid bricks and taller ladders.  And if ever you stop, at any point along the way, even if you get 80% of the way done… that house doesn’t finish itself and will never function as it was Designed. In fact, when you stop building… the house will actually start to crumble. And when the storms pour in-and they will pour in… things get worse -fast.

So how do you build and keep a life-long loving marriage?

Become a marriage bricklayer instead of a marriage tree-planter.

A good marriage isn’t something you should plan to leave alone. You need to keep reading the Blueprint and stay in touch with The Architect. Marriage is something you have to plan on building…and keep building.
Come join us for the Marriage Retreat and put another brick or two into the house of marriage that you are building – together.

Couples Marriage Retreat 

November 10-12, 2016

Daytona Beach Resort

Married couples of all ages are invited to our annual Couples Retreat. Registration forms are at the Info Desk in the Foyer or online here.  Completed registration forms can be given to Sherry Barber along with $100 non-refundable deposit. Deposit is due October 9 and balance by October 30.

Marriage analogy written by Sherry Barber adapted from Gary Thomas ~ Sacred Marriage